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tv   CNN Saturday Morning  CNN  December 1, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PST

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but i do grieve for the parents now that you told me that news. i think that's very sad. >> reporter: according to the american psychiatric association, the potential risk of reparative therapy is great, including depression, anxiety and self-destruckive behavior. the association says therapists alignment with societial prejudices against homosexuality may reinforce the self-hatred already felt by patients. dr. nicolosi says his therapy isn't harmful and only treats people who want to change. not true says ryan kendall. >> it led me to periods of homelessness, to drug abuse to spending a decade of my life wanting to kill myself. it led to so much pain and struggle and i want them to know that what they do hurts people. hurts children and has no basis or fact and they need to stop.
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>> ryan kendall's story there. in our 10:00 hour this morning, i'll talk to a plaintiff from this week's gay conversion lawsuit and you won't believe some of the things he alleges the therapists made him do. here are five stories we're watching this hour. dueling protests and demonstrations going on in egypt's capital this hour. supporters of egypt's embattled president, mohamed morsi, has called for two million man marches today. this follows a week of fierce anti-government protests and we could see much more. demonstrators were also gathering in cairo's tahrir square. they are furious at what they say is a power grab by the president. mr. morsi has said that he just wants to ensure stability until a new constitution is in place. syria may have no working internet right now, but the fighting is raging on. the country's civil war is focusing right now on damascus international airport on the outskirts of the capital. they have surrounded it on one side and trying to keep the war
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jets grounded and stop its flow of weapons. syrian state-run tv insists the airport is functioning normally, though. ford is issuing a voluntary recall of its 2013 escape and fusion models today. there are reports of engines overheating and then vehicle fires when the engine is running. there have been no injuries reported, but if you own one of these models, ford wants you to contact the dealer immediately. repair procedures, they don't know about those yet. today 17-year-old jordan davis will be laid to rest in an atlanta suburb. the high school senior was shot to death at a florida gas station following a disagreement about loud music. 45-year-old michael dunn is charged with davis' murder in a case that remind some of the trayvon martin shooting in florida. but dunn's attorney said there is no comparison here and her client was acting in self-defense. today marks world aids day. the white house is marking the event by displaying the red
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ribbon, an international symbol of support. a procloimation president obama says in part that the united states is committed to preventing the disease to spread and ending this pandemic once and for all. world aids day is a time for some say the truth, the naked truth. yeah, these folks, they're naked and they're naked in john boehner's office. their protesting huge cuts to hiv and aids funding. jennifer flynn was one of those naked protesters and she joins me now from new york. good to have you with us. >> thank you so much for having me. >> why did you take your clothes off to protest budget cuts? >> yeah. well, we took our clothes off to illustrate that people with aids and the most vulnerable people in our country have actually been stripped of everything from budget cuts for decades.
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and that the rhetoric around the fiscal cliff or what i like to call the fiscal bluff is really just a way to thinly shroud these drastic budget cuts that will result in 60,000 people with aids around the world dying. these are preventable deaths that we could otherwise avoid if these budget cuts don't go through. >> let's talk about those cuts because the aids, their speculation is that more than $500 million will be cut from hiv/aids programs in the first year if it goes into effect. do you see the need for entitlement reform at any measure and, if you do, what cuts would your group be okay with? >> so, here's the thing. if we could just pass a tiny tax on the speculative stock transactions, a robinhood tax, we could actually generate up to $350 billion, and i said billion dollars a year.
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every single year. that would be more than enough money to end the aids pandemic and to have money left over for the largest jobs program that we ever dreamed of and enough money to fight against climate change so us up here in new york won't have to face things like hurricane sandy, again. a robinhood tax to end aids rather than talking about cuts that really only affect the poorest and most vulnerable people who have been stripped naked, had everything taken away from them for decades. like people who rely on medicaid and social security the housing opportunities for persons with aids, ryan white, the president's emergency plan for aids relief and the global fund fight aids, malaria. we know we can fight aids, but we have to get in it. >> i want to talk about that in just a moment. the president's emergency plan for aids relief.
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an acronym and the secretary listed five points to end the spread of hiv and aids. a drop of infections in more than two dozen countries, but listen to what secretary clinton said. >> as we continue to drive down the number of new infections and drive up the number of people on treatment, eventually we will be able to treat more people than become infected every year. that will be the tipping point. >> now, the administration says that it recognizes why it should get ahead of this. sound like the administration is headed in the right direction, making this a priority. do you agree? >> oh, absolutely. the blue print is visionary. and it's a great blue print and secretary clinton said, you know, her office, the state department is full, the global health field is full of blue prints that haven't been
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fulfilled. if these budget cuts go through, this blue print will just be another one of those, those plans on the shelf that doesn't get fulfilled. we need to invest in fighting aids and actually ending the aids pandemic, which we can do in the next 30 years. this is new, exciting science here on world aids day that we actually know that we can end the aids pandemic if we just get a small number of people, about 18 million people on to treatment by 2015. but we need to move forward to steal a slogan from president obama and need to get past these ridiculous budget cuts that right now are frankly just targeting only poor people, poor people with aids around the country and around the world. >> we know that nudity was a way to get attention for a very important topic and good to speak with you this morning. >> thank you so much. i want to give a shout out for stratogizing the idea of nudity. thank you so much. happy birthday to my son, flynn robert walker. >> happy birthday. jennifer flynn, thank you so much. well, after today, there
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welcome back. 41 minutes past the hour and time to check out some of our top cnn trends. in new york, a police officer's random act of kindness has gone viral on a cold, november night officer larry deprimo saw a bare foot homeless man and decided to buy him a pair of boots to protect himself against the cold. a tourist took this photo and sent it to the nypd and posted it to their facebook page and the rest, as they say is history. three people in the hospital in stable condition after a train derailment. this train ran off the tracks in the town and started to leak the highly flammable and toxic chemical vinyl chloride. state officials say a lot of it has dissipated. the derailment being blamed on a bridge failure. finally, fast food workers on strike. hundreds of employees from new york city restaurants like mcdonald's, burger king and kfc protested their employers this
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week. the group was calling for higher pay and the right to unionize. check out other top cnn trends, head to when he joined the galaxy more than five years ago, david beckham sent the mls into another stratus fear. later today beckham will play the last game for the galaxy. more on beckham's impact on soccer right here in the u.s. >> randi, when beckham started playing soccer in america in 2007, only four stadiums, including home depot behind me that were dedicated only to soccer. soon, there will be 15. the mls says the beckham experiment worked. from the second he arrived in america, he was now final hours with the l.a. galaxy david beckham got people talking about major league soccer in both the united states and he says overseas. >> interesting if that's why i am in this league then great.
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hopefully it's in a great position now to continue to grow. the american soccer league struggling with help from a super star. >> why don't we try to sign david beckham and here we are five and a half years later and that experience with david far exceeded the expectations that we had when we sat in that meeting in 2006. >> reporter: with beckham at the forefront, the league jumped from 12 to 19 teams and average in total attendance also rose. >> he is the one reason we started coming to the games and to see him leave now is just really sad. at the same time, good for him. >> reporter: beckham and his wife former spice girl, victoria, grew in celebrity from hollywood's red carpets to the white house. america seemed to notice that he had an it factor and more. >> very easy on the eyes. very easy. >> reporter: visions of beckham will disappear from the mls after the championship.
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>> the saddest part, we're losing a teammate that we really like. when you think of it on a bigger scale, it's difficult for our league to lose a player like that and a personality like that. but we all wish him well. he's certainly earned the right to do whatever he wants in his life and we just want him to be happy. >> reporter: beckham goes on his merry way and leaves behind scenes like this. young players with the lax academy working on their own dreams of kick starting the league. cnn, los angeles. if you're planning to tour the white house this holiday season or you just want to be sure that everything is where it should be, oh, rest assured. every light, every string of garland has been given the four paw seal of approval. we'll explain. max little said he found a way to diagnose parkinson's with a simple phone call. >> they leave a voice recording and then analyze and then you can get an indication about
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check this out it's a ram, not a dodge, an actual ram on the loose in iowa. >> des moines police, yes, they had a very busy morning chasing down a ram that escaped from a trailer. its freedom, though, only lasted oh, about an hour. >> poor ram. tried to get away. a couple more animals that made an escape in new york.
4:50 am
>> a zebra and a pony escaped from a staten island petting zoo and they made it, well, they made it out there in freedom than the ram trotting around for several hours before they were finally tracked down. look at those guys go. >> they have been plotting this for some time. wednesday, you and me, we're out of here. hey, you know, the old folk say bo knows christmas. >> yeah. >> i know they actually don't say it, but i'm going to make this stick. >> that's the new saying now. >> bo makes christmas. >> i'll try to make you help it stick. watch the obama pet inspect the famous white house christmas decorations. lack at this. ♪
4:51 am
♪ ♪ >> that is my favorite piece of video that i've seen in several weeks now. >> i love it. >> he's so. cocks his little head and ends up with a santa hat. is it me.
4:52 am
>> just strolls through, blue room, we're good. red room, all's well, and he's not rushing around. a really well-behaved dog. >> it is. even on the video, he gets some great close-ups of his paws, he's a great dog. if you're a dog lover, even if you're not, a great video. check it out. it's on as well if you want to watch it again for fun. well, we all buy the occasional $4 latte, but would you fork over three more for plain black coffee, none of that fancy flavor, any special milk? starbucks is hoping you will, and we're trying to find anyone who will buy it. >> yeah. none in here. but first, if starbucks coffee isn't your thing, maybe it's time to take a trip to paris. that's where we find our alina cho in this week's travel insider. >> reporter: i lived in paris during college, so going back always brings back memories. one of my favorite things to do, then and now, sit outside and sip espresso or a glass of wine
4:53 am
at a cafe. the french invented the concept. this cafe on the left bank is my pick and if you've never been to paris take an afternoon on a sunny day and ride the bateau mouche, the large sight-seeing boats are open air and allow you to see the entire sea by sea. for art, the museum that houses spectacular pieces by monet and for shopping, head to the merchandisian avenue of paris, and then grab your walking shoes and head to the champs-elysees, walking all the way up to the arc de triomphe and back down is a great way to work off a meal. and speaking of food, don't forget to buy a real baguette sandwich at a boulangerie or a crepe on the street. soon you'll feel like a native.
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welcome back. glad you're with us this morning. if you thought your latte was pricey, well, now starbucks is selling a $7 cup of coffee. it's just coffee, black coffee, for seven bucks. cnn's jeanne moos went searching for anyone who might be willing to buy it. >> reporter: is that the sound of money being sucked from wallets? >> it's priced at $7 a cup. >> hi, there. welcome to starbucks. what can we get started for you?
4:58 am
>> reporter: how about a bank we can afford the new coffee made from the rare costa rican beans. actually $7 is for the medium. the grande, you can schism, and for $6 get a small. it was introduced at 46 st starbucks stars in the pacific northwest. >> wow. >> is that something you would buy in. >> no, not at all. >> reporter: but hold the outrage. for some people coffee tasting is like wine tasting. people like melody overton who runs a fan site for starbucks enthusiasts where some were giddy over the prospect of sampling a rare coffee. melody attended a special tasting. >> and i noticed all of these flavors and how it has so much going on in a single cup of cove, and i'm like oh, i like this. >> reporter: what's it taste like? >> fruity, juicy, clean, definitely a little pineapple. >> reporter: not words i
4:59 am
associate with cove. type is expensive because it grows only at high altitudes, and there are fewer cherries per tree. >> let the pinca pamalera coffee challenge begin. jimmy kimmel's staff asked if they could pick the new premium starbucks coffee. >> i'm going to say this one because it has a richer taste. >> i should mention we didn't even bother to get the $7 coffee. we got a pot of regular cove and poured the exact same coffee in both cups. >> okay. this one is a smoother flavor. the other one is slightly bitter. >> it's this one. tastes richer. >> has a beanie taste. it tastes like the bean. >> i would put $2 to $3 on this cup, preferably over the second cup. >> it all tastes the same, both taste the same. >> reporter: that guy was using his bean. jeanne moos, cnn. >> it all tastes the